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Noelita Felton
( Email / Website )
8.5.07 08:08
Ahh my god i love yor layout.Iam in love Draco Malfoy and Tom Felton.Kisses friend!!!!!!

( Email / Website )
1.5.07 20:07
yeah... max is great - but for me, i'm glad he's out! he's no solo singer - he needs a band behind and empty trash IS also what he is... he started with them and i think he should continue his career with a band! :D
just come and join his fanlisting!^^ i'd be glad and i'm he's as well...

nice site btw...^^ if i were you i wouldn't make it with myblog though! but i like it... go on like that and maybe search for a new host! (if you need one, just ask... *gg*)
(draco is just the best out of all the hp charas! xD)

lovely greetings!

Moe Nakata
( Email / Website )
26.4.07 17:56
Wuhja o.o ..ich schrieb mich auch mal ein ..da ich ein hp fan bin ..ja und Slytherin fan bin *Zabini knuddel* xD
naja ... deine page ist noch am anfang aber das wird schon ^___________________________^ *seeliche stütze is* xD


bye bye

Moe-chan xD

( Email / Website )
22.4.07 13:19
ey du pflaumenkuchen xDD. Ich find deine hP süüß ^.^ mach weiter so <3

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